As the official student media of St. James High School, Shark Attack strives to responsibly inform and entertain students and the school community at large.

To this end, the following are the specific goals of the Shark Attack staff.
1. To publish news, announcements, results, opinions and reviews of interest and importance to students, staff and parents.
2. To maintain the highest ethical standards with regard to journalistic fairness, personal and legal rights, responsibilities and accuracy.
3. To provide a forum for free and responsible expression of student opinion in order to foster thought, discussion and understanding in the school community.
4. To achieve excellence in the technical aspects of journalistic writing (including grammar, clarity and conciseness), photography, videography and graphic design.
5. To produce first-rate publications by setting and meeting deadlines, working together as a responsible, accountable team and acting professionally at all times.
6. To manage a publishing enterprise by establishing relationships with local businesses, funding all costs through advertising sales and maintaining a budget.


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