Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

   Spend, spend, steal. This is a motto that celebrities who shoplift have. Winona Ryder a famous actress, got into a controversy before ‘Stranger Things.’
    December 12, 2001, Winona got caught shoplifting. Many viewed this as strange due to her having a lot of money.
   She stole over $5,500 worth of designer clothing and was caught and immediately arrested. Winona ended up not even being sent to jail.
     Actually, she ended up only receiving 480 hours of community service for something that would send most to prison for a couple years.
    This made people very upset, not just because there precious actress committed a crime but because her sentencing was greatly minimized.

     Although she regrets it now the damage has been done. She's still making rolls and ending up in fantastic shows after her long break in the industry.

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