Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday, March 1, 2019

Why I'm Pro-choice

Just to clarify, yes I am pro-choice which means I support abortion and Roe v. Wade, but I’m not some crazy feminist, heck I don’t even fully agree with the feminist movement. I’m also not some crazy liberal, although my viewpoints most fall on the Democratic side, I identify as independent. Now that I’ve got that out of the way. I must warn you pro-lifers, you are indeed going to be triggered and hopefully further educated on the pro-choice movement and the flaws in the pro-life movement.
Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in politics, especially since the supreme court decision from Roe v. Wade. Some may question my morals for my beliefs but they can assume all they want, I’m not a bad person and before I fully identified as pro-choice, I did my research.
I am pro-choice because I believe that abortion is a basic human right and it’s more immoral to disagree with it than to agree. But both sides can be slightly immoral in their own way. It is my belief that bodily autonomy is a right that gives no exception to abortion. To explain, body autonomy means that no one can be forced to relinquish control over their body. That means that no one can force them to donate blood, donate organs, etc. It is argued that, by getting rid of the right to abortion, that would practically give a fetus more control over the woman's body than she has herself. I realize that this sounds ridiculous but it’s true.
By not giving the option of abortion, women would lose control of their bodies and be pushed further under the system. If the child is a harm to the women, then abortion is necessary. If the development of the fetus is distorted, then abortion is necessary. If the woman is raped and pregnant, then abortion is necessary. If the woman is in financial distress, then abortion is necessary. If the woman cannot raise the child, then she should consider the option of abortion. If an underage female becomes pregnant, then abortion is necessary. Obviously, there are more reasons than that, but that’s just a handful of the reasons why a woman needs an abortion. If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, women would go back to using dangerous methods for abortion. These methods risk the lives of women and can be considered more harmful to the fetus.
Let’s face it, the main reason why women get abortions is for financial reasons. It no surprise that raising a child is expensive and most people cannot afford these expenses. Plus pregnancy itself is extremely expensive. Women must by excess food to support her and the fetus, she also must purchase certain medical things to make everyday life easy because pregnancy makes life much harder, another purchase made is larger sized clothes to fit her body, medical bills, etc. Most people cannot afford this. Although some say “well maybe you should have been more careful in your personal life”. But that simply isn’t always the case. Contraceptives aren’t guaranteed to protect against pregnancy. Plus, education on contraceptives and sex e, in general,l is very disregarded in most schools, especially in poorer neighborhoods. Another argument a pro-lifer always throws is the idea of adoption and foster care. In my opinion, women could consider such options before deciding abortions. She could also find a trusted person to raise the child. But the foster care system is so corrupt and the rules are rather complicated.
This reason could be considered rather “selfish” but it’s a valid reason. Yes, pregancy and childbirth can ruin a body. From the weight gain, to the stretch marks, to the excess skin, it can ruin a body. So, why then, would a woman who doesn’t even want the fetus be forced to carry it and give birth to it, only to find that her body is ruined and her bills are higher than ever? It makes zero sense.
A fetus is also not considered a person by law. I said by law so don’t come after me. Plus the nerves that trigger pain aren’t even fully developed till twenty-eight weeks. However, most abortions happen in the first trimester when the fetus is basically a clump of cells. Late term abortions are extremely rare.
Some of my main issues with the pro-life movement is that it is a movement mostly based around feelings and religious beliefs. When I asked a pro-lifer to debate me, all they had to say was “oh it’s just wrong”, ok but why is it wrong. At least give me some reasons and facts people. I was also watching a video of Mike Pence giving a speech at the march for life and he was using the bible as an exuse for his beliefs. Now that goes against so many things. One, thats not a reliable source, two, politicians should be aware of and inforce the separation of church and state, and three, religion should have the power to dictate the powers of people. I really don’t care what your beliefs are, it shouldn’t be anywhere in government and before you get triggered, please just take a look at Saudi Arabia. My point. Also, making abortion illegal will not stop abortion. Newflash, women will still need them. The only thing it will do is cause more women to lead to risky abortions which have health risks as well as higher medical bills when comparing it to safe abortions. However, my main issue with the pro-life movement is that these people are only pro-birth. Do you think they really care about what happens to the child after birth? No! Another issue is that where will this pro-life movement go next. Most religions don’t believe in abortion or contraceptive. Also, some cultures don’t believe in foster care, that’s just a fun fact. Some very radical groups do not believe in abortion or contraceptives and want them banned.

With all of that considered, it’s safe to say that pro-lifers can have their beliefs, but it’s not their place to dictate a woman and her pregnancy. Serioulsy it’s no ones business. Not even mine. But here I am trying to explain to people who make it their business why it’s not their decision. That probably why abortion restrictions are growing and becoming more probablamatic.


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