Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Art Around St. James

Art isn’t just a visually appealing substance, but rather a form of individualization. My favorite part of wandering through the halls of St. James is the artwork on the walls. Although the artwork is primarily marine-themed, it still is comforting to see considering how important art is to me.

In my opinion, the artwork on the walls adds a sense of individualism to the school. The colors are comforting and the artwork is beautiful. Plus it’s wonderful to know that St. James makes an effort to display and show the importance of art because it truly is important regardless of what other students say. The artwork makes St. James look a bit more visually appealing, it also adds a unique “theme” to each and every hallway, plus it encourages creativity. It also encourages artists to paint murals around the school. Last semester, I noticed an art student painting a mural on the walls near the stairs. My favorite murals are obviously down the art hallway, particularly the ones for drama. It truly is comforting to see that a school based around sports can appreciate art as well.


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