Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday, January 11, 2019
Mrs. Myers english class goes outside to read and enjoy the nice day.

Mr. Gibbs patrols the student parking lot during 4th block 

Paige Mcgorty poses for a quick picture on the stair well. 

Peyton Sanders and her group pretend to be on a roller coaster for their skit. 

Jayden Ferris directs his group on how he thinks they perform their skit. 

Jordan Duval dances to lighten the mood after a tense scene in drama.

Jacob Bartlett puts on a serious face to prepare for his serious scene. 

Teri Faulkner and Jordan Duval get distracted by another student while trying to take a picture. 

Kiki Green expresses her love for fried chicken. 

Chance Martin waves hello to the camera. 


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