Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday, January 10, 2019
        Selective teachers at St. James High only allow students to use the restroom few times per quarter or semester. Strongly I disagree with this.
       Personally I have a 504, which allows me to use the restroom more, though I feel bad for the students who can not.
       Small bladders exist! I can't understand how someone can think other wise. I have to pee every time I drink water almost immediately. This shouldn't be considered a medical issue (unless it is of course), that you need a note for. Some people just have to pee more.
       You're supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day, some students at this point have to dehydrate themselves, so they don't use all their bathroom passes.
       This goes for teachers also; teachers should be able to use the restroom when they have to due to them being human too.
      Infections, including UTIs, can occur when a person holds in their urine too long. Which if it happens often, can lead to other infections.
      I have a friend, whom I will not name, who wasn't allowed to use the bathroom and ended up peeing herself. Of course the teacher got mad at her for peeing herself. Inhumane is what you can call that.
       Some may bring up the, "You have 5 minutes in between class to use the bathroom," remark. Ha! You have to be kidding me. 
      I already use that time to use the restroom (others may not be able to), but as soon as I take another few sips of water in class, I have to go again. 
      Of course people abuse the ability to use the bathroom by going on their phones, but that doesn't mean everyone does. Some people just have to pee a lot!
     We can possibly change this bathroom policy by having more people check hallways and bathrooms to make sure people are not fooling around. Therefore we will have the ability to go more.
     Students who are not be allowed to use the bathroom when they have to should tell their parents. It's ridiculous if you cant use the bathroom when you have to.
     Policy should change that teachers shouldn't be allowed to refuse bathroom use, but that may take more effort due to the recent Juuling epidemic.
     I understand the reasoning behind why the rules are in place, but it still does not make it right, and I hope teachers know it is wrong to deny someone basic human rights even if its not a "emergency."


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