Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018

I believe that being the age of 21 gives you enough time to grow up and understand the importance of having a gun. In some states teen, 18+ are able to purchase a gun which in my opinion doesn't sound like a good idea. Some are still immature and don't know how dangerous having a gun could be. 

I also agree that in SC they basically do background checks to see if you are fit to purchase a lethal weapon. People who are mentally incompetent, which a person who may have an addiction to drugs or alcohol cannot purchase a gun because they may use it the wrong way, such as violence instead of protection.

I think that the rule on not allowing heavy assault weapons such as machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and military firearms should be illegal. These types of weapons can cause a lot of damage and harm to others if used for the wrong reasons. Just a light handgun itself will cause harm to others but may not kill them.

People that disagree with the SC gun control laws are probably the people that are under 18 and want to purchase a firearm. They may say it's stupid and that they are responsible enough to have one, but not all are responsible enough. Some may think that having a lethal weapon is cool and not use it for the right reasons, which could end up getting someone injured or killed.

In my opinion, I think that SC should have a limit on the number of guns a citizen can have, two at max would be enough for one person, but if have people going in getting five to ten guns at a time I think it's a bit much, and feel they have no reason to keep all of these guns.

I know some people who have gone and purchased guns for other people which I think should also be illegal because if you are not fit to have one or old enough than you shouldn't have one at all. Not having a permit can also lead to jail time if you are caught with it.

I also believe all states should have the law set to 21 years of age to purchase a gun. I just feel 18 is still too young to own a weapon. The fact you can be 18 and purchase a gun, but you have to be 21 to drink? I really think that's a problem, guns are far more dangerous.


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