Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
I disagree with the dress code policies at St James.

With body image issues increasing at this day in age, I believe we should be allowed to dress as we feel comfortable.

We live in the South, we are all aware of how hot it gets here. Why cant we dress accordingly?

I know as an 18-year-old female that my style is highly influenced by social media, so I am disappointed when I can't express myself through new age style while I'm at school.

Administration says that if they're too lenient with the dress code people will abuse it, but I don't think someone having ripped jeans will escalate to anything too extreme.

Also, females choosing to express themselves freely can be considered a "distraction" for other students. Why would we blame the person wearing the clothes for the distracted student not having enough respect to ignore it?

I think the school could give us more freedom with the dress code policies, especially the ripped jeans.

I also think when a dress code violation is noticed, we could handle it more professionally than taping up the students clothes to meet the policies requirements. All that does is embarrass and shame someone just for trying to wear what they feel comfortable in.

The school has bigger issues than someone wearing ripped jeans or a tank top. I think we need to move our focus from body shaming students to dealing with actual problems St James faces.


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