Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018
You cant take James anywhere without acting silly.

Justin Gardiner says," Gotta start somewhere"

Justin Gardiner says," Hard work comes with a price even, if it is staring at the sun"

Walker and James practice their hand off drill.

Shannon Gardiner captures a bomb picture of Walker and James flipping the rifles. 

Chris walker does ten push ups for dropping the rifle during practice.

James drops down to do ten push ups for the amount of times he dropped the rifle.

Jacob says," Drop down and give me ten each."

Justin Gardiner leads the drill.

Movement of the drill.

Everyone circles around Jacob.

Everyone kneels at the end of this routine.

Random picture of everyone switching rifles.

Everyone follows after Jacob.

"St James "J" "R" "O" "T" "C" SHARKS"

Everyone drops down for push ups at the end of practice. 


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