Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018
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I guarantee after watching this, you will consider getting a dog, or realize how great a dog is, even if you do not like them.

A Dog's Purpose is rated PG and is drama, comedy, and even a little adventure. It was released January 26, 2017, and is directed by Lasse Hallstrom. It brought in a total amount of $64,508,620. The lead actors are Luke Kirby as Ethan's dad, Brice Cheisar, KJ Apa, and Denis Quaid all as Ethan, and finally Juliet Rylance as Ethan's mom.

The movie is about a dog going through many different lives after his previous one unfortunately ended, he has a series of owners and functions as all different types of dogs. Each life is very different from the previous one. 

All of the characters and their acting is perfect for this movie as well as the plot and setting. The music also goes great with the plot and mood. There is nothing bad about this movie except how sad it is!

This movie is probably my favorite out of all the movies I have seen. I love all dogs, and even if dogs aren't your favorite, this movie is still great. It is very heartwarming and eye-opening. You get to see how great and gifted each dog is. This movie is worth the time, money, and tears. It is a 10/10.


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