Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016
In the distance, there is a wildfire brewing. The heat is intense, almost unbearable, and the flames are the only audible noise. There is a cloud of black above the fire and a glaring Hillary Clinton peers down at you. You dare to step closer, but you fall back almost suddenly.

You have felt the bern.

Bernie Sanders is leveling up in rank and becoming a prominent figure in this current presidential election.

“I support Bernie Sanders because I respect people who are consistent in their views, and he hasn’t changed his views since the 1960s. He was an original civil rights activist, and he walked with Martin Luther King Jr. I can respect someone who can stay dedicated to an issue until they see it done,” said sophomore Ryan Thompson.

The negativity against Sanders springs mainly from his identification as a Democratic Socialist; many people are fearful of the word, yet many do not even seem to understand what it means exactly.

“Everyone thinks that Socialism is equivalent to Communism, but it really isn’t. Socialism focuses more on trickle down economics where the rich can’t just keep getting rich while the poor stay in poverty. And obviously now the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting even more poor. Bernie wants to try and make it more so people that are on the lowest of financial classes on the economic spectrum can finally have a chance like everyone else has.

“He wants it so that the rich can’t go from millionaires to billionaires to trillionaires, so that everyone can have a fair shot,” said Ryan.

There is also the argument that his ideas are not realistic and that people fear the talk (and the promise) of higher taxes. Of course, his main concerns lie with the fact that most working class citizens cannot afford credible health care, or a decent education, and many people work full time at minimum wage. He wants both physical and economic change; he wants what is best for the people of America.

“People should support him because he has the right idea for the people. He is for the people,” said sophomore David Rolon.


  1. This is really well written. Good job!