Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Sitting in a room full of crosses all over the walls. What happened? That's what’s going through my mind. Suddenly I look up and one of the crosses begins to shake as if something is trying to knock it off of the wall. Next thing I know, every cross on all four walls is turning upside down. That was when he crept out from the darkest corner of the room trying to attack me.

If you’ve ever seen The Conjuring, then you know the next chapter of the Ed and Lorraine Warren case files. The second movie takes place in North England, where Ed and Lorraine go to help a single mother of four who is plagued by malicious spirits.

”I’ve seen The Conjuring, and it wasn’t really that scary, and I kinda felt like it was a bit of a waste of time. I also saw the prequel to The Conjuring, and it wasn’t that scary either, but I don’t get scared easily. I’m probably gonna go see The Conjuring 2 because I like scary movies, but I hope that it was scarier than the last one because it wasn’t scary at all,” says Hannah Osborne.

In the trailer for The Conjuring 2, one of the single mothers children obviously has this evil spirit attached to her. Whatever the spirit is or wants is trying to get it through her.

“I have seen The Conjuring and I thought it was alright but they could’ve done better. I’ve also seen Annabelle but I didn’t think it was that scary, and I didn’t think that they had actually tried at all to make it scary. I they could make the second Conjuring better then congratulations but if not then it will just be another waste of money,” said Owen Westling.

I’m starting to wonder if this movie will be related to the first Conjuring or the Prequel to the conjuring also known as Annabelle.

“I saw the first Conjuring and it wasn’t really as scary as I thought it would be. I then saw Annabelle which was the prequel of The Conjuring and it wasn’t the scariest either. I’m hoping that The second Conjuring will be scarier than the first two movies,” said Joseph Holt.