Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
In 2015, new slang words surfaced as people began to use them in their everyday vocabulary. These terms are on clothes, stickers, social media, and almost everywhere. In case you're not quite sure how to use these in your daily conversations, here's an overview.

1). Turnt: The act of being hyped up

2). Fleek: On point, nice, perfect

3). Bae: “Before Anyone Else,” “Before Anything Else,” your number one, someone important to you

4). Hella: Very, really

5). Crusty: Gross, greasy, trashy

6). Basic: Someone who is unoriginal, someone who lacks interesting characteristics

7). Shade: “Throwing shade,” A way to say an insult to someone on the down low casually

8). Tea: Something you sip when you chose not to speak on a certain subject or juicy gossip

9). Yas: Term to express high levels of approval

10). Savage: Someone who does/says something someone would never normally say/do

11). Squad: Your group of friends

12). No Chill: Not being calm or rational

13). Or Nah: To deny or confirm something

14). Lit: See “Turnt," something you’d see about a situation that is fun

15). Fam: A term used for someone who is very close to you