Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

by: Gage Davis  
The ending of a old life and the begining of a new life. How a person lived through a life of pain and almost death.

    In March of 2012 one of the most important woman in Horry County and possibly in South Carolina, passed away. A woman, who graduated a high school only, then worked her way up to the top of a plumbing business. After 24 years of hard work she was making six figures, and was the only woman to run a plumbing business in South Carolina at the time; which is almost impossible for a person who only has a high school diploma.
     Growing up in a small town of Green Sea Floyd’s, she ran track and was one of the best girls on the team. When she was younger she worked on her family’s farm doing the worst of the worst jobs from, picking cotton to peeling potatoes dozens at a time. Early on in her life her real father had left her and she had become very close to her step dad who was the hardest on her, only wanting the best from her. Later on he would die due to an illness of alcohol even though he never touched a drop of alcohol.
     She would soon after moving from Green Sea Floyd’s to Mullins, she would meet a man special to her and have her first child; a daughter by the name of Shae Bryant. After a great three years she decided to have another child but this time it was a baby boy; who was pre mature three months early. This baby would spend around six months in the hospital on a system to barley keep him alive, but with faith and prayer he got better, and he was released to go home to his mother.
     Briefly after her son had come home, the father had left for a life of addiction and consumption. She was devastated; she had to take care of a four year old daughter, and a seven month old son, who just got out of the hospital. As she “busted her tail,” working two jobs to pay bills, as she also lived with her mother at the time. She would soon meet an answer to all the problems by dropping her daughter off to a day camp.
      Dropping her off one day at a day camp, she met a guy named Jeffrey Davis. Jeff and she would soon start to see each other which led to Jeff asking her to move into his house with him; due to the circumstances she was living in already, as a single parent with two kids. The next nine years consisted of the best life anyone could ask for. She got married to her dream husband, and was making enough money to pay for her house, and all the expenses that came with it.
      The next year her eldest child Shae had to move out, due to her not focusing in school and almost trying to commit suicide. Shae would move to Savannah Georgia to her dad. Jeff his wife; and their son who was now 11 years old, and in 5th grade decided to move into a house in Murrells Inlet, so that their son could attend an amazing school and be the first one in their family to go into college.
      The next six years were the worst times in the family’s life. The mother would soon loose her mother and with no family members left but her son she turned to alcohol, as a get away drug. Within the next six years the father and the son would see the worst things they have ever seen in their lives. As she would slowly loose her job, she became an alcoholic and drank wine habitually; which later would turn into any alcohol in sight.
      After a long six years (including things that I cannot say, which are too terrifying to say) she lost her life in March of 2012, due to alcoholism. The family said that in the hospital she was basically a vegetable on life support; couldn’t speak or move.
      After the passing of his mother the son who was now 17 felt that he couldn’t deal with this kind of pressure anymore, and turned to a life of drugs, and irresponsibility. He would go out every night with friends and party and do any type of drug around. Later he would turn to pills as the drugs didn’t give him a big enough release away as the drugs didn’t give him a big enough release away from life. He would end up spending over 15,000 dollars in just one summer on drugs; and almost end up in jail multiple times.
     One day after finally realizing what he had done he turned to his dad for advice, and the only thing his dad could say was; “It can only get better, son.” The son would turn his life around very quickly only realizing that life can only get better. He decided to go to Chrysalis with his best friends, and ended up changing his life around, and only becoming closer to his mother.
    Now many people by now are wondering this is so tough who is this person,… Well I am a senior at St. James high school; and my name is Gage Davis. I get people everyday who have heard my story, and think as me as an inspiration; and I feel that is why I was put on this earth. As long as I live I will continue to tell this story about me and my mother, but “As long as I live; Life can only get better!”


  1. Thank you for being so candid. This is such an inspirational story. I am so glad you got the second chance to turn your life around!!!! Go out there and be incredible!!!

  2. I have so much respect for you Gage. You are a great guy and I know you'll have a successful life. and you're totally right, it can only get better.

  3. Gage, I'm left speechless. I really don't know what to say. I've only known you for like a year or so, but you have changed tremendously since then and I'm so proud of you.


  4. im so proud of you gage! reading this seriously made me cry, if someone doesnt idk what will. your so strong to write about this and let everyone know your story and truly its an inspiration.

  5. It takes a lot of courage to write about this and I think it's a really good thing that you turned your life around. It's awesome!