Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
by Bryan Dean
Gather around for the creations and products of our senior class of 2012. Senior projects are underway as we speak; consisting of mentoring hours, and formation of products from thorough research.

Through the duration of the school year, seniors are given the ultimate task of fulfilling a senior project.

Basically, the senior project is a semester long assignment that consists of heavy research on a topic of your choosing. With the research that is conducted by the senior, they then must write a four to six page research paper on what knowledge they gained from the experience.

Concluding the in-depth research process, the adventure begins! Mentoring hours will be the next step in the senior project.

Mentoring hours consist of a student finding someone who is an adult, that has special knowledge and skills that will and must benefit the student in the completion of a product.

Now, the big misconception about finding a mentor for the senior project is that the mentor does not necessarily need to be involved in the field of what was researched. The mentor really needs to be one with the skills and experience to help complete a product.

For example, a senior student may conduct research on sports news and the mentor could play a vital role in the completion of a product related to that. The product could be a sports centered magazine that reports the latest in sports news.

English teachers, will without a doubt be expecting exemplary work put into this project in order for you to be ready to present in front of the judges.

“I hope that seniors will realize the great impact they can have on their immediate world,” said Mr. Pisaniello.

Although students may find ways to simply get by and coast their way through the senior project, you truly
won’t gain a meaningful experience after it’s all said and done.

“Although the senior project is a lot of work, I’m enjoying the learning process,” said Dylan Dunagan.

Much is expected from the senior project once presentation day rolls around. Just remember that the senior project is truly an experience that any student should make the most of. What seems like a monotonous school project that absorbs time, will blossom into a life-changing experience.


  1. This should be helpful for underclassmen to understand what the senior project is about! Great article.

  2. Senior project is definitely an experience to say the least. I didnt think it would be as hard as it was. I am so thankful that I got to do senior project first semester, it is a lot of stress but as long as you keep up with the dead lines you will be fine.

  3. maryanna elliottApril 5, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    I am excited and nervous to do my senior project. I can't wait to see what all the other seniors do.

  4. I am nervous to get mine next year but if everything everyone is saying about it is true than I dont think I will have much to worry about!

  5. Jonathan MatthiasApril 5, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    My senior project process has been pretty intense so far, great article Bryan. I'm so happy to be finished with high school and senior project.

  6. Senior project really isnt as bad as everybody thinks its gonna be. im doing mine right now and its pretty easy.

  7. I am a junior and dreading the senior project, but good luck to the senior's this year. Great article Bryan.