Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011
by Shelly Quintana
People having long hair and chopping it off: Where does all that hair go? In the trash of the fancy studio you decided to go pay $80 bucks for a hair cut. Save someone’s feelings and donate your long locks to someone with no locks. You get your hair cut and you helped a child with cancer out.

Project grades vs Test grades: I thought a project grade was just a good as a test grade, meaning why doesn’t anyone’s grade go up anymore when they do well on a project? It makes no sense.

Kids dropping out: Why would you drop out your senior year?! You just wasted roughly 14 years of getting up in the mornings at around 6:00 to get dressed and sit in a classroom all day. Could you really throw it all away? Just like that…? Why!? I don’t understand it at all. Sure, don’t go to college that’s not mandatory, (although you could probably go farther in life if you did) but many places simply require that you graduate high school nowadays. It makes no sense that you would drop out now when it’s your last year. #failure.

Racism: It’s a problem we have faced since the USA even existed, but its 2011 already and almost 2012. The last thing I want to hear is someone talking trash about someone else and it’s not even about their personality. It’s about their color, it’s ignorant. Who cares what color someone is; calling someone any type of race name is wrong, doesn’t matter what you say. If it's offensive to someone then just don't say it. It's completely unnecessary.

Dress code: I know its something everyone stresses about but how come the really tiny girls are the only ones getting in trouble over their skirts and shorts. Why doesn’t someone bigger ever get yelled at? No one wants to see their pudgy legs or anyone’s pudge at all.

Facebook Vs Twitter: How come Twitter isn’t blocked from the schools websites, yet Facebook is? What is the difference between the two? They both like expressing how someone feels about anything… no difference. It’s funny how Facebook started off as a website for people to stay in touch. Now it’s a website for people to express their sex life. There’s a website for that too, its


  1. It drives me crazy when kids drop out their senior year! They might as well have dropped out years ago rather than waste your time. Also, I hate rasist people. Just because someone is not the same as you doesn't mean their a bad person or some kid of freak.

  2. Once again, I agree with everything you said, especially the things about project grades, and dropping out of high school your senior year. I am doing terrible in math this year, but recently we've had a few projects that I did great on, so why isn't my grade good? Also, why would you not just finish high school so if you ever wanted to do anything with your life, you would at least have your diploma.

  3. haha great article

  4. I'm pretty sure its, Haha but great article! I totally agree with the whole dropping out thing, as a senior its pointless! Way to waste like 12 years of your life.

  5. great job shelly, i love the last one and the website that was funny!

  6. 1) Yes, people should donate their hair if they are cutting it off.
    2)I believe that test grades count the same project grades. You should sit down and have a talk with your teacher.
    3)This one... really? Stay in school losers!
    4)Racism- It is simple, if you do not have anything nice to say, do NOT say anything at all.
    5)Dress code is annoying, but necessary. BUT I think that EVERYONE should be treated the same and have to follow the same rules no matter what their body type may be.
    6)Facebook and Twitter are both a waste of time. Don't people have anything better to do with their lives?