Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011
by Jake Wentz
Our Junior Varsity Football squad faced Carolina Forest's boys in this most recent match up of JV High School heavy-hitting pig-skin. Coach Anderson and the team set out with the will to win and some really strategic plays. Unfortunately the Carolina Forest Panthers came out on top, 21 to 19. It is a loss that the Sharks will take with solace.

About a half-hour before the game, the team lines up to run plays and procedures. They also use this time to adjust to the heat that they are about to work through.
Head Coach, Matthew Anderson, takes the field to instruct his players for some practice. He wants to run key routes that the Tigers may use later.
The rest of the coaching staff watches closely as drills are being ran. This is part of the typical warm-up routine.
This is the ceremonial huddle, part of every football game, the Sharks are no stranger to spirit and planning. This is still just before the kick-off, and right before they game banner is to be broken.
Right at kick-off, now on the side-lines, the coin toss is to take place while the team gets rallied up.

The St. James Junior Varsity Cheer-leaders show their enormous Shark spirit. They certainly got the crowd going, and had fun even in the loss.
One of our defensive backs shows his great athleticism in stopping what could have been a touchdown potential pass.


  1. Great pictures Jake, and great captions.

  2. Amazing pictures Jake, I never go to the JV games but this will help me out with the scores.