Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011
by Josh Royce
Yet another Rise Records band is prepping a new album. And hopefully Of Mice and Men can pull off a successful sophomore album. After releasing their self-titled debut last year, they gathered quite the fan base, partially because of the screamer Austin Carlile and his past. He was an original member in the band Attack Attack until he was kicked out after the other members decided against him. He soon made contact with other musicicans to form Of Mice and Men afterwards.

On their self-titled album they brought their own hardcore style, and so far it seems they have kept that style well into their next release “The Flood,” which is set to be released June 14th. After just releasing a single titled “Still Ydg’n,” a reference to last year’s song “Ydg?”

They have received a ton of praise for staying very close to their original style. When actually Austin Carlile had announced in an interview weeks before that this album “tested what we are as a band in terms of genre. There’s even an acoustic track. We didn’t want to be held back by defining ourselves so early.”

This idea seems to have fans interested, as they are already having sold out shows along the western coast. So prepare for a flood, because this album will be crazy!


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