Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011
by Josh Royce
Post-hardcore group I Am Abomination recently booked a studio trip in Orlando two months ago to record not one, but two new albums. Only a few artists have done this in the past, especially regarding this genre.

Well ever since their first album “To Our Forefathers” release early last year, I Am Abomination has made a great success touring their brand of hardcore which includes no screaming, a rarity among the genre. Singer Phil Druyor said “We have nothing against screaming but as a singer I find it limits you. There are highs, mids, and lows. Those are the only ranges you have while screaming. What about all the notes in between?”

Surprisingly they have maintained a large following of fans despite their no screaming policy. And regarding their two new albums, which are set for a July release, the band has stated so far all the songs for “album one” (as they refer to it) could be considered b-sides for their first album because the sound is very similar, while on “album two” they admit to experimenting far more. “We wanted to try more. Which is kind of why we thought two albums was a good idea.”

So for now just keep an eye out for I Am Abomination, and their soon to be released two albums.


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