Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
by Shelly Quintana
Everyone thinks that just because you are in drama, you have to be in a play. Or you have to go compete to win things for the class. Maybe you do have to do several things in drama, but in my opinion, being in drama class is about expressing yourself and finding out what you like to do.

For example, when you’re in drama, the teacher (Mrs. Angela Howard), makes you come up with skits and scenes. But as you progress deeper and deeper into drama, you realize these skits and scenes may actually mean something to you.

When you first join drama 1, nobody takes anything they do seriously. You laugh and giggle while you are on stage, and everything you do is to make people laugh and smile.
“When I took drama 1, I tried to make people laugh because to me it was just another class. But now I look forward to expressing myself without being judged in the classroom,” said sophomore Shelley Rogers.

But when you enter the world of drama 2, you realize everything you do means something. You find out more about yourself and more about the things you enjoy doing.

Currently in drama 2, Mrs. Howard asked her students to make their own monologue and to also perform it. When you hear everyone’s monologue, you realize half of the students in that classroom feel almost what you do. Listening to everyone perform, the main things they would talk about are friends, boys, love, passion, bullying, family and speaking up.

You enjoy knowing what people have to say and what people enjoy speaking out about. Half of the things you hear make your eyes want to water because you know they were being sincere.

Now that everyone is signing up for drama class, you should really take it. Not only is it fun and a great experience, but it will make you want to keep progressing into the drama department.


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