Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010
By John DelBianco
Last weekend the Sharks Varsity Wrestling team wrestled in the North Myrtle Beach Invitational at North Myrtle Beach High School.

Teams from states like South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee Georgia, and Virginia all came to flex their muscles at the tournament. A total of 24 teams made it to the tournament that started Friday night and continued all day Saturday.

When the tournament concluded two Sharks were on top in their weight classes. Junior Jaime Bolduc won the 125 pound weight class and Senior Nuji Holmes won the heavyweight class. The team as a whole had enough points to finish seventh in the tournament.

This was really big for the team considering they were facing defending state champions and national ranked wrestlers. The team has worked so hard this season and is off to a wonderful start. “I think the team is working really hard to show that they are willing to repeat as region champions,” said Junior Jack Younan.

This Saturday the Sharks will hold their own tournament called the Shark Duals. Teams from all over Horry County will be coming.

St. James is currently 4-1 as a team excluding tournaments. They will start regional matches on January 5th against Myrtle Beach at home. Come out on Saturday to see how exciting a wrestling match really can be. The team would love to have a huge crowd there to help them defend their mat.


  1. What great news for the school! I have classes with some of the players and they are all extremely devoted to their craft. It is really awesome to see St. James athletics doing this well. They have faced some All-American wrestlers and that is saying something. I believe Jamie is undefeated, that takes commitment. Congrats to the team and you John for the in-depth article. Your sport reports are always your strongest.