Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
The school educational system has been a very questionable system. 7.4% of students drop out of high school, and 25% of freshmen do not graduate on time.

Why do kids drop out? Most kids drop out do to long periods of disengagement and/or academic struggle. Many students say they’re frustrated and feel that none of the classes have any relevance to the lives they’re living, according to an EduGuide study. I can’t blame them.

Today’s school system is focused on making students just test takers. The academic classes do not focus on the core of what the life outside of high school is going to hold. Instead they focus on memorizing material that you’ll just forget after taking the “weekly test.” You will barely see what you’re learning outside of your high school career.

Your future shouldn’t be determined by a letter grade in Algebra, or how well you do on a standardized test. Students aren’t going to have a future if they can’t make it around a useless obstacle.
School is a recipe for disaster with bullies, social anxiety, homework, and standardized testing. This obstacle is what holds young adults from pursuing their dreams.

Imagine if in someone’s head the cure for cancer or the next level of technological advancement, is being held, but that F in science made them throw that thought behind them.

We learn useless skills instead of learning life skills like making goals, staying organized, filing taxes, writing checks, etc.

Who’s going to graduate high school and use quadratic formula? The only math skills we truly need are the ones that we were taught in elementary school.

If you wish to pursue a job in a career that requires next level math, take that class in college. We are learning pointless things between 6-12th grade. We need to focus on life skills, not this pointless curriculum.


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