Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016
The presidential race has been widely covered in previous weeks. It appears the contest is now between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Not much attention has been paid toward Bernie Sanders, though he is still very much in the race. All of the attention has mainly shifted toward Donald Trump, speaking of his insane lead, and how he is going to the convention.

The choice has been made for him to go to the convention after all of his opponents dropped out of the race.

Little does Trump know, Sanders is slowly sneaking up behind Hillary. Trump, in my opinion, shouldn’t be generally pushing his attention to Hillary because Bernie is beating Trump in more polls then Hillary is.

Hillary is currently beating Bernie because of superdelegates. She takes money, and in return she speaks good for the companies that support her, and she gains superdelegates. This is allowing Hillary to have a large lead against Bernie.

People are wondering if he still has a chance of winning the election. Yes he does, if he wins California, this could mean a win or a lose for him.
Bernie has cracked open The Federal Reserve like an egg. Not many people realize what importance that meant for our country. He has kept the same word since the 1900s, and he hasn’t changed his say on anything.

In my opinion I think if Hillary was to become our commander in chief she would let Bill Clinton take advantage of her and allow him to make a large majority of the decisions.

If Trump becomes president he claims to get us out of our debt, not many people look at the cons of that statement. I just can’t help but attempt to figure out how he is going to do it. It nudges at me often, but he hasn’t released a plan to get us out of our debt.

He’s a presidential candidate that remains as an all talk type of candidate. He should just remain a businessman and not get involved with politics. People like Trump are what’s wrong with this country.


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