Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Friday, June 3 is the last day of school year. 2015-2016 is one of the years that has gone by faster than past years.

St. James students have had a good year all around. The school has had many successes throughout the year, including winning Palmetto's Finest.

Students have worked extremely hard throughout this school year to be successful in their academic classes. It was a hard push, but in the end students were happy that they were able to pass their classes.

For the seniors, some of them are upset, but most are happy. They are upset that they are leaving there loving teachers but happy they get to go out on their own.

Rudicel Gomez said, “I'm glad for my new friend because they are hard to find.”

Everyone is excited, mainly because it’s almost summer! Seniors are looking forward to college, and to further pursue her career in what they enjoy.

Students have had many obstacles to overcome, but with the assistance of others, they were able to do so.

All around, this year was a grand year for St. James High School and it’s students.

Mckenzie Rose said, “I found out who my true friends were, and who really had my back regardless of the situation.”

This year has been a learning experience for many students ,mentally and physically.
For many students, this year especially for freshmen and sophomores are excited to start working saving their own money and starting to get a car. That way they can start driving to school instead of taking the bus.

Other students and teachers are excited about summer so they can go on family vacations and create nice memories.

Matthew Garvey said, “This year has been kind of decent overall. The prep rallies were cooler, and more exhilarating, they did more.”


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