Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016
In a four-game beatdown of a 50-win Atlanta Hawks team, the Cavs made a staggering 77 3-pointers during the series sweep. They set a record in game 2 with 25 3s, and then became the first team to hit 20+ 3s in back to back games in NBA playoff history.

It’s difficult to imagine that pace sustaining throughout the rest of the playoffs, but it’s certainly a huge sign for a team searching to find consistency. They’ve won eight straight when it matters most.

The King has played a role that he’s always been destined to play thus far in his latest royal sweep. Surrounded by snipers, James has picked apart the Hawks defense with penetration due to floor spacing that could make the Atlantic Ocean look claustrophobic.

A team that averaged the 3rd most 3 point attempts all season that’s also tied for 2nd in 3 point makes getting scolding hot just in time for the playoffs could prove to be a nightmare for the two teams that remain in their path.

It’s hard to imagine either of the remaining Eastern Conference teams being able to defend the Cavs Irving-Smith-James-Love-Frye lineup. 4 snipers surrounding the perimeter is something LeBron has never had the luxury of enjoying, and he’s taken full advantage thus far.

The Cavs may have an answer for Warriors small ball, and that lies with the combination of Tristan Thompson rebounding dominance, Channing Frye the 7 foot sniper, and Kevin Love--the outlet passing, 3 point shooting, rebounding connoisseur--rotating in and out beating NBA defenses to a bloody pulp.

Nobody is calling the Cavs a sleeper pick, although during the regular season they seemed to resemble a sleeping giant. And that sleeping giant has risen from the depths of a seemingly endless dream of petty tweets and passive aggressive comments to terrorize all who remain in their path.


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