Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
This summer vacation there are so many things you can do and so many places you can go explore new places.

However, there are some bad part about summer vacation. Sometimes the weather heats up way too much. And sometimes the heat can become unbearable, but there is a plus to summer vacation. You get to spend more time at home with friends and family, and sleep in as long as you want.

Cherish Washington said, “My summer will consist of basketball and other events that pop up. I hope that I can travel for the summer. I go to my grandma's house every Sunday, and I have a long hour drive. It’s nice to know that i don't have to wake up early and I can sleep in.”

Irma Guerra said, “This summer I am going to Miami to explore more than I have to see what new things are there, and I will finally know what my uncle has been saying that ‘Miami is a paradise.’”

Jenessa Justiniano said, “I may be going to Florida to see my family, but if not I’m going to hangout with my family. We might go on the waterway, resort and do some fun summer activities. But also my family from Ohio is coming down so we are going a lot to the beach and hanging out with them.”

Mary Katherine Collins said, “This summer I am going on a surfing trip with my dad to North Carolina and California and the going to Georgia, Tennessee, and Arizona. I was going to get a job, but I’d rather be adventurous and go on exciting adventurous this summer.”

Skye Bailey said, “I plan to go camping and surf on the days. I will start training for softball, and I plan to have a lot of parties with scavenger hunts and water ballon fight. I’m also planning to volunteer because it’s something that makes me happy. I’m also going to start a DIY project that I probably won’t finish. And mainly what everyone does is sleep in every night, wake up late.”

Adrianna Foricer said, “This summer I am not doing anything special or going anywhere. I will be here in Myrtle Beach and going to the beach every day.”

Megan Pitzer said, “This summer vacation I will be working and going to the beach -- nothing special.”

What are you doing this summer vacation?


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