Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016
There are many places in our area in which you can consume produce from Murrells Inlet to Myrtle Beach.

On the first day in the South, God created seafood. On the second day in the South, God created utensils to eat the seafood. And on the third day in the South, God created sweet tea for which the plantation owners drank in wine glasses, staring off at their plantation.

There are twelve restaurants on which Jesus feasted, and his ratings will be given to you now.
  1. Bojangles has the best fries.
  2. T.G.I.F. has the best selection.
  3. Drunken Jacks has the best crab legs (but they’re super expensive).
  4. King Sushi has the best sushi.
  5. Nacho Hippo is the best in general in everything except dessert.
  6. Twisters has the best soft ice cream and ice cream in general.
  7. Wahoos and Wicked Tuna has the best seafood.
  8. Prossers has the best buffet.
  9. P.F. Changs has the best fancy Chinese food.
  10. Salt Water Creek Cafe has the nicest look.
  11. Dead Dog has the best appetizers.
  12. Surfside Pizza has the best pizza, don’t even argue.

Since everyone has different tastes in sweet tea, Jesus decided that Bojangles has the most questionable and sugary sweet tea, River City Cafe has a relatively good mixture, and you remember going to Creek Ratz, but not what it tasted it like.

Crepe Creations has the best crepes, obviously as that is what they specialized in. Tupelo Honey Cafe has a cute tree symbol, but Jesus was placed upon the cross before he could have a taste.

Though it did not make the list, Jesus enjoyed Outback’s cheesecake, and a honorable mention goes to Five Guys for everything they make brings tears to the angels’ eyes.


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