Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
This school year has been pretty amazing. I’ve had some of the coolest experiences like having new teachers, having Mr. Moore for two blocks and getting to go to a movie theater and see our hard work on the big screen! Also I’ve made some personal changes and overall just feel like a better person.

Ms. Jacobs and Mr. Wortley were two of the new teachers that I had this year and they are both amazing. They both really helped me with what I didn’t understand, and both did all they could to make sure I knew what was going on 100%. Going into their classes always brought me good vibes and I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me this year.

Having Mr. Moore for 3 hours out of my day in the second semester really uplifted my mood because he got my day started in first block and finished my day in fourth block. Mr. Moore is just fantastic and the coolest teacher you could ever have. He understands you, and cares a lot about his students.

Getting to go to a movie theater and watch the short films that our classes created was so awesome! I felt like a movie star seeing myself up there on the big screen. Mr. Moore does everything and anything he can to make his students happy and content and that’s why I appreciate him so much.

Overall, this school year has been really good. I found a lot of peace within myself and started making better choices. I’m ready to come in as a senior next year and finish out high school and start my future.


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