Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Motorized scooters have become a trend in the last 30 years.

Chinese industries have made a pretty penny for their products. In countries such as Italy, Spain, Barcelona, and other European countries, motorized scooters have already become an everyday occurrence.

Bringing mopeds to the United States was by far the best import economically. For China, that is.

In most states, mopeds are treated the same as motorcycles, and you have to not only receive a license to take the scooter out onto the road, but also pay a large sum of money. There is the fee for renting, and then for taking the scooter out onto the road, taxes, etc. It costs more to maintain a moped than it does to rent a vehicle.

While my next point may come across as insignificant, parking a moped is close to -- if not completely -- impossible. In most states, there are no set areas where you can park the scooter and you will have to pay a meter almost as much as you would pay for your own car. Also, most car owners will knock over your scooter to park their vehicle.

Most designs of mopeds only allow for 40 mph on the engine and are best suited for short commutes. A 50cc scooter is quite dangerous because of their lack of “speed acceleration makes them somewhat dangerous in situations where they can't keep up with the speed of other traffic” (

If you wanted to go uphill, their engine only allows 20 mph, and if you were caught in a dangerous situation, you would have great difficulty removing yourself from that situation.

Most scooters that are fresh off the rack require early service, which can add 500-600 to your first year of ownership very quickly.

Mopeds get damaged very easily. They require a lot of care and maintenance, which costs big bucks. A 650cc scooter (depending on the make and model) can cost around $2500-3500 for repairs alone. That does not include purchasing new parts, oil changes, paint job touch-ups, etc. As a general rule, mopeds do not last for very long.

“Bikes and scooters generally don’t last as long as today’s cars — which with decent car can go 200,000-plus miles before needing major engine work. A bike will typically be tired by 100,000 miles” (

In conclusion, mopeds are not environmentally, economically, nor road safe. They pose countless dangers to every individual.


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