Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016
In what appears to be the last of Young Thug’s incredibly consistent mixtape run preceding his official debut, we’ve been given exactly what we have come to expect from Thugger: a mixtape with no filler, incredible highs, and verbal somersaults that haven’t really ever been seen before in music.

In terms of the trap subgenre of hip hop, it’s incredibly difficult to release the quantity of music Young Thug has released while maintaining consistent quality. His recent string of mixtape success can really only be compared to Future, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne.

From start to finish, “Slime Season 3” is totally infectious. Thug turns fairly simply flavored trap beats into a secondary instrument to his voice -- which he uses as an incredibly versatile percussion instrument. Incredibly catchy ad-libs and heavily manipulated language has become the bedrock of Thug’s brilliance.

He’s essentially a cross-dressing punk artist that wants to trick you into trying to force traditional hip hop criteria into his music, (You can’t understand what he’s saying!) it just won’t work.

"Drippin’" is perhaps the most impressive song of Young Thug’s already illustrious career. Nowhere will you find a better display of his rollercoaster flow. It feels as though he just drapes his voice over the instrumental, shapeshifting from a slow 1-2 delivery into primal screaming and babbling so seamlessly that by the climax of the song, your neck has nearly snapped and you didn’t even realize it.

Thugger has come a long way from his Lil Wayne copycat days. Hopefully, rumors of a reinvention on his debut LP are true to an extent. He certainly doesn’t need to change all that much, what Thug does has so many variables to it that he can potentially do what he’s been doing for the next few years and remain consistent.

It’s easy to imagine Young Thug shifting away from trap flavored instrumentals on to something more grandiose that could potentially showcase his verbal hula hoop trickery more vividly. Thug has reached new heights in hip hop, but it feels as though he might be headed towards a meteoric rise.


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