Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016
A giant stone arm slams down to the left of you. You quickly roll out of the way, swinging your sword. You jab the longsword deep into the stone boss, delivering the final blow. This is just one of the many challenging bosses you will face in “Dark Souls.”

“Dark Souls III” is the upcoming installment to the “Dark Souls” franchise. With the success of their latest game, Bloodborne, the excitement for “Dark Souls III” is high. The game is coming out on April 12.

“I was glad to hear they were making another,” said Spencer Boyce. “My favorite part has always been how challenging the games are.”

The game is taking a lot of the same mechanics from “Bloodborne,” mixed with similar gameplay of “Dark Souls II.” It’s an action role-playing game, set in a third-person perspective. The setting of the game is almost medieval in a way, with monsters and other creatures that you must go through to get to the boss in each location. You get to pick a class, and each class gives certain advantages and disadvantages over the others. This ultimately affects how you play and what your experience will be like.

Each enemy you encounter in the game will have a different move set and battle style, making you adapt to how everything fights. Another new feature in this game will be the updated combat system. Weapon Arts have been added, which will be special abilities that vary upon which weapon you have. This will give you a damage boost and a new moveset, but costs magic points.

“I’m really excited for the game,” said Casey Boswell. “I’m especially excited for the new magic system.”

“There’s a lot I’d like to see in the new game,” said William Simmons. “Better parrying, high scale resolution, new gestures, and maybe even some of the ‘Bloodborne’ weapons”.

With all of the games in this franchise striking rage and frustration in the hearts of many gamers, everyone can only hope that this game will do the same, living up to the infamous games before it.


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