Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016
How do you think about yourself? Do you consider yourself a good person? Given the ability to do good or bad what would you choose?

A while ago there was a program on “This American Life,” a program on NPR (National Public Radio) about super powers.

More specifically choosing between super powers.

The host of the show came up with “test” of character based on the simple decision between two superpowers.

Suppose circumstances bring about the incredibly awesome choice of receiving the ability to fly on demand or become invisible on demand.

With the flying power you would be capable of flying at speeds up to 1000 miles per hour and being able to bring anything you could carry while walking normally.

With invisibility you and any of your clothes or anything inside your clothes could become invisible as long as you'd like however anything in addition would be visible.

With each choice, the interviewee is asked which power they would choose and then some of the things they’d do with their newly developed skill.

From the answers given, apparently you can determine a lot about how the person thinks and acts while also learning more about them personally.

I decided this seemed like a pretty good thing to try on some of my fellow students to see if i got any interesting responses.

I didn’t use anyone’s names in this for the sake of wanting pure answers.

Student one said, “I’d choose invisibility, and I’d use it for good at first but I’d probably end up doing bad stuff.”

He seemed to side with being the same kind of superhero as Deadpool by saying,” I'd be a superhero but a bad one that kills the bad guys and robs drug dealers of their money.”

My next interviewee chose invisibility and insisted on purely using her powers for good as a government spy.

Well nothing too crazy there just a government spy there's nothing too good or bad about that.

My final interviewee said, “ I’d choose invisibility and I’d go mess with teachers and administrators.”

From what I took away from things no one truly had any absolute good or bad things they wanted to accomplish with their powers, everyone actually seemed pretty moderate and relatively selfless.

I'm actually a bit disappointed in the answers I received. People didn’t really seem to take what I gave them and run as far as I would've liked to see, but maybe that’s a good thing.


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