Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016
At our school we have a policy where if you say the ‘f’ word, you automatically get three days of OSS.

I don’t think that is fair at all because most of us here are young adults, if not already adults, and as long as nobody's getting hurt by the word, then it really shouldn’t even be a big deal.

“Everyone curses, and I don’t think students should be punished for it as long as they're not using it to hurt someone,” said Brooke Howze.

Most students are around people who are cursing all day everyday at home, so it’s just in some people’s natural habitat to cuss without even realizing it sometimes.

“It’s just in my vocabulary, and I feel like if we’re not cussing at someone directly, we shouldn’t get in trouble,” said Aimee Goodrich.

Lastly, getting three days of your learning time taken away just for saying one word is so uncalled for and definitely shouldn’t be.

“You should just get ISS for one day instead of three days of OSS because that’s just ridiculous,” said Alexis Almendarez.


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