Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Love. The thing that almost every girl is obsessed with. Girls love love.

One of the moments that almost every girl dreams about for her whole life is the day she gets engaged. Proposals can be very romantic and exciting because it marks the start of a new journey.

Many girls fantasize throughout their childhood, teen years, and sometimes even in their adulthood of how their future husbands will propose.

“My dream proposal would probably have to be on a beach under a bungalow or something,” said Mallory Panuelo.

I know that some people wouldn’t like a proposal in front of a large crowd, but I personally wouldn’t mind. Honestly, as long as my future husband is romantic and has someone to take pictures of the moment, I wouldn’t care where he proposed.

Why are proposals so important to girls, though? Don’t get me wrong, I dream about the day I get engaged and my wedding day too, but what makes this a “normal” part of today’s society?

“I believe that it’s a big moment in a girl’s life. Everyone looks forward to that,” said Alyssa Rentz. “Maybe it’s because it’s a major step towards your wedding day.”

I personally believe that media has a lot to do with the normality of fantasizing about these things. Almost every chick-flick I have seen has a romantic proposal in it where the guy says all of the right things that any girl would die to hear.

We can’t really forget about the guys though. It has to be extremely nerve racking to propose to someone.

CJ Newman said, “I’ve never proposed to someone, but I assume that it is really stressful. The guy has to do all of the planning, buy the perfect ring, and hope that she says ‘yes.’”


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