Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016
Recently I have noticed a large accumulation of dirt in the form of piles behind the school.

It seemed to grow pile by pile each new day, so I decided to investigate the situation. I camouflaged myself and hid in the treeline waiting to see what was causing this phenomenon.

Around 1 in the afternoon, a large dump truck approached the piles and dumped a large load of dirt onto the existing piles located on a field just outside Mr. Michael Riley’s classroom.

Now that I know how the dirt came to be, I just needed to find out why it was being put there.

Dylan Johnson said, “They are building a massive ramp for me to jump on my dirtbike”

I considered his claim but then realized that this was more than likely bologna considering all of the rules and regulations we have on things to keep students safe.

I then decided to seek out the help of Mr. Franklin Powell. “I think Coach Jones used the tornado warning day we were off to steal that sand from the beach in an attempt to build a custom wave pool for the surf club to practice in.”

This seemed like a splendid little idea to me, but I wasn’t absolutely satisfied with this, and I would not be until I heard it from the man himself.

I then approached Coach Adam Jones and asked him if he knew what the plans were for the dirt piles. He replied, “I believe they are covering the practice field with it.”

Although this idea seems reasonable, I still believe that deep down Coach Jones is using it as a cover up for something suspicious, and I intend to learn just exactly what that is in the coming days.


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