Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Friday, March 11 was a special day for me. I had the astonishing privilege of speaking to a reporter from ABC News 15.

During this interview, we discussed the upcoming attempt to pass the S.21 bill. We touched on how this bill would impact me, and what the bill is about.

This bill will allow people with impaired, or damaged vision of at least 20/200 to use a special eyewear called bioptic lenses to increase their vision so they are able to meet the requirements to pass the visionary test to qualify for a state driver's license.

James Baxley said, “Well spoken Chris, good job.”

I will be speaking about this bill to the subcommittee in Columbia in attempt to put them in my shoes, and understand how much this bill will mean to others, as well as myself. This will be happening April 13 at the statehouse.

Gabi Daily said, “This is so inspiring, you go dude.”

This experience was an extraordinary event. It was good to push the word out about this bill and gain a large amount of support. The word about this bill is being passed around in other states.

Some people don’t generally understand how much of an impact this will have in one’s life. It’s a building block of life, it creates for more independence, and it’s just life changing. It’s a privilege to drive, and many people take it for granted.

Victoria Salvador said, “It was really nice. I’m very proud of him, and I hope they pass the bill.”


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