Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016
There is one day that only occurs every four years. It’s a very special extra day, so enjoy it this year.

Feb. 29 is Leap Day, which we have every four years due to the rotation of the Earth. Earth rotates 365.25. The .25 is an uneven rotation, which equates to six extra hours each year.

Courtney Scirocco is sophomore at St.James High School, and she is the only student at the school who had a birthday on Leap Day. She just turned 15 on Feb. 29 of this year.

Courtney said, “I like my birthday on Leap Day because it is a unique day and only occurs every four years. When it is not Leap Year, I celebrate my birthday the day before because it is my dad’s birthday. This year I went to Miyabi.”

So technically, Courtney has only had four official birthdays. So when she turns 90 she would only be 18.

If Leap Day didn’t occur, our calendar would be way off and we would eventually have June in the middle of winter.

Leslie Caicedo said, “I think Leap Day is a really special because it only occurs every four years, but one this that sucks is that when it is not leap year you can’t celebrate your birthday on your actual birthday.”

Leap Day was added in 26 B.C. by Julius Caesar. Pope Grearives Xll decided the extra day was going to be on Feb. 29.

Skye Bailey said, “I think it would be cool to have your birthday on a weekday. I wouldn’t like my birthday on Leap Day because I wouldn’t be able to celebrate it every year on the actual day, and because I like my birthday on my actual birthday and wouldn’t change it either way.”

I hope you enjoyed this Leap Day because we won’t have another one until 2020.


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