Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016
Daniel Lara, a 14-year-old, posted a video that went viral that his friend Josh took of him walking around with his white Vans as Josh says, “D--M DANIEL BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS” numerous times.

This video got over 45 million views. After this video was spreaded around the Internet, and became viral, “Daniel’s Vans” started appearing on Ebay for $400,000. But even though the Vans on the Internet weren’t even his, the bid for these shoes just keeps growing.

Hannah Osborne said, “I think the video is really cool; I could watch it all day, but hearing other people saying it isn't so funny.”

Ellen Degeneres saw the video and decided to get them on her show. From the video that Josh recorded, Ellen gave him a surfboard with the words “D--m Daniel I was on Ellen's show,” so Ellen’s friends at Vans decided to give Daniel a lifetime supply of shoes.

Cassidy Shannon said, “I wish I could get sponsored from Vans and have someone record me walking around.”

Even Amazon is selling shirts with Daniel's name on it and the clothes that he had on in the video that became so famous.

Many people now are saying the “D--m Daniel” phrase throughout the entire spread of social media. Many people keep talking about the video and wondering how it became such a big thing.

Ashley Mumford said, “They shouldn’t have gotten famous for what they did, but they did.”


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