Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016

“How did things get so screwed up?” - Hannah

The shocking finale of the sixth season of “Pretty Little Liars” aired Tuesday, March 17, and fans of the show cannot believe the outcome.

“I was appalled! I was like what?!” said Heidi Haynes.

Prior to the finale, we found out that Charlotte (formerly known as Charles) was killed, and a new “A” raised to power, tormenting the liars once more. With Spencer’s mother in the running for senator, and the girls going to the hospital one by one, Hannah decides to finish this once and for all.

She tells the new A that she killed Charlotte, and A took the bait. The plan is to capture this new A with an electric fence that would shock them into submission. In the finale episode, the liars find a document for a Mary Drake, and the truth of Charlotte’s birth mother is revealed to be someone else than Jessica Dilaurentis. Jessica simply adopted the boy.

All while this is happening, old couples get back together.

“CALEB PROMISED!” said Sam Healy.

In the end, A snatches Hannah despite precautions, and the fans find out Ms. Dilaurentis has a twin sister, who is Mary Drake, and Alison Dilaurentis’ husband is actually evil.

Harlee Gunter said, “I was shocked! I definitely did not see that one coming!”

And with only one more season left before “Pretty Little Liars” in complete, fans are not prepared for what is to come!

“It really makes me sad that ‘Pretty Little Liars’ only has one more season,” said Harlee.


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