Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016
R.I.P Kasich, Rubio, and Bernie--the only seemingly rational candidates that were left. We’re pretty much left with Hillary, Trump, and a human version of curdled(Texas) milk. It doesn’t look like Cruz stands much of a chance anymore, and the GOP is collectively in the final stage of the grieving process. Acceptance.

This is the least promising final three candidates in recent memory. Pretty much no matter who wins at this point will either wage some good old fashioned undeclared war over in the Middle East. The George W special. Trump is still worst-case scenario for me. It’s like having a 15 year old girl run a restaurant. There’s sure to be some impulsive firings and threats and promises that pretty much make your restaurant/country totally unpredictable. So basically, as far as foreign policy goes, we’re left with either George Bush III, George Bush IV, or the guy who used to fire people primetime on NBC for a little extra cheddar.

I don’t really believe Trump could beat Hillary in a general election. Being as divisive as Trump can help you win the candidacy, but it just won’t get you elected as President. As scary as having Trump as President of the United States sounds, it’s a different kind of scary from Hillary. It’s more of a--what is this guy going to do--kind of scary. Which is actually a nice chess piece on a global stage. Being unpredictable while having an irrationally high military budget can certainly cause enemy countries to think twice about intimidation.

What’s troublesome with Hillary is we actually had her as Secretary of Defense and she was a loud mouthed interventionist. Obama has done a pretty outstanding job as chief diplomat. When he drew a red line on the use of chemical weaponry and Syria turned around and did exactly what he told them not to do, rather than doing the predictable and targeting very obvious locations in Syria, he instead backed out due to fear of Syria using human shields. He essentially scrapped the old Presidential playbook of backing words with big strong brawny military force and used his own head even despite the political blowback. Foreign policy can’t be politics anymore. We aren’t in the 80’s. Military intimidation doesn’t work very well against people willing to die for a religion.

I have a pretty fatalistic view of the Middle East. It’s entirely irreversible and everyone knows that. Rather than picking and choosing where we can truly make a difference, we’ve instead--time and time again--chosen to intervene in every little thing that happens in the most irrational region in the world. Imagine Chinese troops in Texas. That’s exactly how most of these Middle Eastern countries feel about us being in their country for the better part of 30 years.

Foreign policy is the most important component of being president. And we’re left with nothing but flaming garbage and flaming garbage with some fireworks. I can’t exactly vote for either of those options.


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