Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Who wins South Carolina wins the South.

With the South Carolina primary elections nearing (Republican on Feb. 20 and Democratic on Feb. 27), campaigners are doing everything they can to win the votes from the people, and students at St. James are rigorously showing their party identification as well.

What is a primary election, though? The primary election is the election in which voters decide who becomes the presidential nominee. There can only be one Democratic and one Republican candidate to run for president as having eight Republicans against each other would result in chaos.

Students have their own thoughts on who should become a nominee as well as president.

As Ryan Thompson says, “I’m hoping Bernie Sanders can pull through for the Democrats.”

David Rolon says the same, “Bernie has the most solid plan. Even though some people don’t like that he’s going to raise taxes, if you look back one of our presidents actually had our taxes increase by 70-92 percent, but it was the most structurally sound part of our economy.”

Colonel Steven Cellucci has a different view than the other two students, as he already voted early for Donald Trump.

“There are six reasons. First reason is he’s not a politician, and I’m tired of the politics. Second big reason is he is a big supporter of the military. The third reason is he’s going to take care of veterans which have been pushed to the side.

“Number four, he is a business man. He understands business, and therefore, he understands the economy. Number five, he is not afraid to tell the media and everyone else the way he feels, so Trump is not politically correct. We have gone politically correct amuk.

“The last one is we need the 800-pound gorilla in the tent to ‘Make America Great Again’ because we used to be number one in the world. Now we are number three or four, and that is the first time that has ever happened in history.”

Whether you are Democratic, Republican, or a little bit of both, the primaries are nearing, and the presidential nominees are in your hands.


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