Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Class rings. There are many misconceptions about the true value, both sentimental and physical, of the concept.

Most students do not seem to understand what exactly they are paying for and when exactly they will receive the ring, when they would ever wear it past the ring ceremony their junior year, and what it will mean to them years past graduation.

There is a lot of work put into making the ring ceremony the most extravagant event of the sitting junior’s year. The administrators, the employees at Herff Jones, student officers, and even the upperclassmen put time and effort into creating something special and almost unforgettable.

“The ring ceremony here at St. James has really evolved into a special night for our student body and for me because it’s neat to watch the kids get their ring for the first time and to be excited about it,” said by Mr. Vann Pennell.

Most of the current sophomore class do not seem to quite understand just what the ring ceremony involves and what they are to expect. From talking with various administrators and upperclassmen, it is basically a night sometime between September and October and the residing junior class meet after school in the auditorium where they will receive their rings.

“In the past, there has been a balloon arch walkthrough. It’s really nice,” said Mr. Pennell. “They have a couple speakers that just talk about the program and purpose of the ring and how you are supposed to wear it. That night you will come up in alphabetical order, and your parents are invited.

“You’ll come up on stage and they’ll call your name, you’ll walk around and get your ring. Herff Jones hands it to me, I hand it to you, we hug and pictures are taken. You walk down and everyone stays seated. I will get up in front and ask you all to stand and take your ring out. You will then put it on and twist it around a certain amount of times.”

All in all, the ring ceremony will be something that will never be forgotten.


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