Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Leggings, bra strap, cleavage, dresses and shorts that are not a dollar length from your knee, and midriffs. These are just some of the dress code violations at St. James.

I feel that the enforcement of these things is sometimes too much and other times too little. We are told that it is distracting for the boys at school, but shouldn’t the boys be taught that women are not sexual objects?

“I feel that the dress code is ridiculous. Boys need to learn how to control themselves or they will never survive in the real world,” said Jesseca Loud.

I understand that they can be distracting, but us girls just want to be comfortable while we sit at a desk for six hours. In some cases, girls are pulled out of class and told to change or have a parent bring clothes. If there is no way to do this, you are sent to ISS just so you won’t be a “distraction." This is not helping one bit. All it does is deprive us of getting the education we deserve.

“I think that leggings are not an issue and should be allowed. The other violations are understandable,” said Kayla Claybrook.

In other cases, the dress code is not enforced enough. Almost everyday I have seen girls wearing athletic shorts that are past the inner thigh and most boys wear their pants below the waist. This is NOT fair. If you want to apply the dress code so forcefully, then it should be done fairly.

“Little boys should be able to control themselves so females can learn in a classroom, just like the males,” said Savannah Challe.

For students to be told what they can and cannot wear has been an ongoing issue for years. It needs to be made right and put to rest.


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