Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016
On Feb.12, the Titans of Mavericks contest took place in Half Moon Bay, California.

The contest was created by Jeff Clark back in 1999 to showcase 24 of the world’s best big wave surfers riding some of the most insanely powerful waves ever to break.

This unique big wave surf contest is held no more than once a year, during a time of a few months, and only under near perfect conditions.

The Titans contest turned out great; there were many amazing waves conquered and no one was injured.

Nic Lamb came in 1st place, Travis Payne took a close 2nd, and Greg Long took 3rd place.

The only problem to be had was that there were absolutely no female contestants involved.

Abbie Goodrich said, “It makes me mad that girls still aren't completely accepted.”

For some odd reason, it seems that this is a pattern commonly followed by the Titans of Mavericks contest since its start up.

According to the all-male committee that plans the event, women are allowed to compete in the contest. There just hasn't been a woman that is good enough to compete alongside the rest of the male competitors.

Alyssa Banesse said, ”There are better girl surfers than guy surfers, and everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves they need to change the tradition!”

“It’s sexist,” said Sydnee Steele.

However there is no need to worry, there are things being done to give some women a fair shot at being contestants in the contest.

In order to hold a surf contest in California, you must receive a permit from the California Coastal Commission.

This commission has issued a warning to the founder of the contest warning him to make things gender neutral or risk losing permits to hold the contest.

This could bring about the possibility of a women’s heat in the contest, which would definitely make things much more equal.

Until next year’s contest we won’t know what is being done, but until then there's only one thing we will know for sure, it will more than likely be an exceptional contest showcasing the surfing ability of both men and women.


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